Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Guiding Principle #1 - Be Mindful of What You Model

To prepare for the anticipated release of STANDING UP FOR YOUR CHILD (without stepping on toes), due in stores in July, I will present to you one by one the guiding principles in this book.

First things first.

"Be Mindful of What You Model"

Just as women's fashion eventually mimics that which is seen on the runways of Milan and Paris, our children mimic what they see in our behavior and hear in our words. For better and for worse, they're watching closely. How we negotiate on their behalf is witnessed and filed for later use in their minds.

What you model matters. Are you a Buddy, a Bully, or a Hero when you advocate for your kids? Find out.

Read the first chapter of STANDING UP FOR YOUR CHILD without stepping on toes.